Saturday, May 26, 2012

Webstore Update - New Cerebrate CS, Ash Borer Hoodies, etc.

Webstore Update:
  • Cerebrate - Mind's Eye in a Black Gaze CS - 4 tracks of unrelenting, violent, death metal mayhem. Only a few copies of the tour press/1st press remain. 
  • Cerebrate - Soul's Abyss CS (pro-press) - Pro-press of Cerebrate's first demo. 
  • Ash Borer - Demo LP - Very few copies let
  • New Ash Borer Hoodies and Longsleeves designed by Kevin G. Yuen (Viral Optic), as well as a few older designs.
  • New Cerebrate Shirt.
  • A few copies of Ruin Lust's Demo CS that I recently found. Last chance to get these at non-ebay prices.

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