Sunday, January 20, 2013


Having remained relatively quiet for most of 2012, Psychic Violence will emerge from the shadows in 2013 as a force to be reckoned with in the metal underground, with 4 new releases planned for this Spring alone. This year will also see our first LP releases, an exciting development that we hope to be indicative of future possibilities. Spring release schedule below. 

While our cassette releases will have very limited distribution due to low quantities, we encourage interested distros, record stores, etc. to get in touch about carrying our LP releases. 

Contact : psychicviolencerecords [at] 


Hailing from NYC, the newest emanations from Ruin Lust show the band perfecting their vicious blend of blown out black/death metal violence. The 4 tracks of long form chaos featured on this release show a marked progression from the already-excellent material from the band's 2011 Demo. Expertly mastered for vinyl by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering for total devastation and pressed 100% in the US for a superior final product. Limited to 300 copies all on black vinyl. 


Released in conspiracy with Gilead Media, this 3 track LP sees Ash Borer at their bleakest and most devastating to date. Recorded live and mixed down on 1/2" tape, this release features a noticeably rawer, yet still massive recording quality when compared with the band's most recent output. These recordings also see the band reaching out into new sonic territory that have been alluded to, but never fully explored on previous releases. The release will featuring stunning original cover art by Timo Ketola and has been mastered for vinyl by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering. Released to coincide with Ash Borer's European tour alongside Fell Voices. 1000 copies in total, including a limited tour edition only available from the band in Europe. 


Recorded in early 2011, this posthumous EP showcases the band's unique and absolutely punishing blend of death-injected crust. Far from being just another Entombed-inspired hardcore band repeatedly exhausting the same derivative formulas, the 6 tracks featured on this release are a blistering exercise in deranged downtuned d-beat warfare. Having withered away before getting the chance to reach a wider audience, we are pleased for this release to finally see the light of day in 2013. Released on pro-cassette, limited to 100. 


The premier recordings of Vilkacis, solo project of Michael Rekeviks (Fell Voices, Ruin Lust, Sleepwalker), are a demonstration of raw and triumphant black metal. The songs are played with a sense of violent romance and total emotional abandon that can be felt in his other project but also with a melodramatic flair for melody that is unique to this project. Released in conspiracy with the artist himself on pro-cassettes.

In addition to these 4 releases, Psychic Violence will be stocking copies of the DLP edition of Ash Borer - Cold of Ages for purchase. Originally released by Profound Lore Records on CD, the vinyl edition (released by Pesanta Urfolk) features an entirely different mix and master for a heavier and improved sound overall. 

Track samples and further information on all releases coming soon. 


  1. Will there be anything with Cerebrate?
    Gotta say I'm pretty excited for all four releases!

  2. Bloodlands is available in The Archipelago Rises for Aussie buyers. We are proud as punch to stock this awesome release from Ash Borer and Psychic Violence! $18 + postage

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